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If you aren't sure of your username or password, use this link:  What's my Username or Password?

In order to get your password, you will need your 7-digit student ID number, assigned to you by CFCC.

Don't know your student ID number?

You can find this number on official letters from CFCC, like your acceptance letter. If you are a current student, it is also on your schedule printout or student ID card.

Having trouble resetting your password?

Some common mistakes to watch out for:

  • If you didn't include your SSN on your application, leave that field blank on the password reset form.
  • If you did give us your SSN, please fill in the FIRST four digits of your SSN, not the last four.
  • If you have moved and haven't updated your address, try using your old zipcode.  If that works, be sure to update your address - you can do it in WebAdvisor online.

If you still can't reset your password, check with Student Services to make sure your information is correct in our system.


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Known Issues Known Issues


 Browser issues:

We recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers with the myCFCC portal - Internet Explorer has some display issues.  For example in IE8 the calendar month grid doesn't show, and there is a security popup (see next issue).

Security Popup (in Internet Explorer)

Because the portal contains a mixture of content served with secure https and standard http, Internet Explorer pops up a security warning message every time a page is loaded with mixed content.    You can avoid this popup by either using a different web browser like Chrome or Firefox, or you can follow the directions below to disable the message in Internet Explorer.

  1. Going  to Tools->Internet Options->Security
  2. Select the ‘Security’ tab
  3. Click the 'Internet' zone.
  4. Click the ‘Custom Level’ button
  5. In the ‘Miscellaneous’ section change “Display mixed content” to Enable
  6. Click OK, Yes, and OK.

My Calendar:

When you make a change to My Calendar, such as adding a new calendar feed, you will see an error message that says "My Calendar is Temporarily Unavailable".  This is a bug that should be fixed in the next release.  To view your calendar again, click the 'Back' link just above the error message.



Staging Enabled