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How to Withdraw from a class


Prior to withdrawing from a class, you will need to consult with a Counselor to discuss the need for withdrawal. Before your consultation with a Counselor, you need to consider how a withdrawal may impact your financial aid and/or veteran's benefits.


STEP 1: Consider possible impacts to financial aid or Veteran's benefits

If you are receiving federal or state financial aid (a Pell grant or student loan) or Veteran's Benefits (including housing), withdrawing from a class may impact your eligibility to receive financial aid now or in the future. In some cases, you may be required to pay back some or all of the benefit money. We STRONGLY encourage those receiving any financial aid and/or veteran's benefits to consulting with the CFCC financial aid and/or veteran's offices BEFORE contacting a Counselor to request a withdrawal. 

STEP 2: Contact a Counselor one of two ways


1. By a Face-to-Face visit in their office:

Wilmington Campus – U123 (Downtown Campus)

North Campus – NA100 (North Campus)


2. By filling out the Withdrawals contact form 



A Counselor will contact you to discuss your request. All requests will require approval from a Counselor before it will be processed.

If you have questions, please call 910-362-7017

For General withdrawal dates and more information click on the following link:


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