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If you need to reset your password from the login screen of a CFCC computer, follow these steps:


Reset your password on a CFCC computer:


1) If you are at this screen you will have to type passwordhelp in both the username and password field as one word in all lower case.


3) After entering passwordhelp in both username and password, you will get a welcome screen. Then you should get the first screen of the password reset process. Just enter your CFCC username and ID number.



4) If you do not know your CFCC username and/or ID number, you can click "what's my username?" 

* If you dont remember your username or ID number then please call us at (910) 362-4357, we will be glad to assist you.


Steps to reset your password on a computer at home


1) Go to https://my.cfcc.edu


2) Click on "Reset Password"


3) Type your username in lowercase


4) Respond the security questions

5)  The system may ask you for the Student ID number that can be found on your Student ID badge or any CFCC documentation.  Please note that your new password has to be at least 8 characters long, with at least one uppercase, one lowercase, no part of your username, and avoid using previous passwords. 


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